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Blocks to blogging

Since April I haven’t really felt inclined to posting anything to my blog. I have thought frequently about why this might be and I think the answer is that when I feel low, confused about things and generally fed up though not particularly angry I often find I just don’t want to blog. This has been my state of mind since April. As I mentioned in my post the other day, the first thing that took place was the ‘pause’.

Wisely, it seemed at the time, the government who had not thought through their NHS changes, realised their may be fundamental problems in winning the hearts and minds of both those working within healthcare and those using it. The key problem was that they couldn’t adequately articulate how the new NHS would be better than the old one. They couldn’t tell us how the fundamental ethos of the NHS (free at the point of contact for all of those in need) would be retained. Essentially they couldn’t tell us how this wasn’t privatisation by the back door. The whole pause thing was, just as most consultations are, pretty much paying lip service to the doubters. Some changes were announced but it is clear that the Health Secretary is determined to push things through.

Further announcements about structural changes go on unchecked, despite the fact that the Bill is no further forward today than it pretty much was in April. The SHAs have clustered, specialist commissioners are preparing for a rationalisation complete with redundancies; those who remain will be footprints or some such! Yesterday this diagram appeared in the Guardian to demonstrate what the new leaner, less bureaucratic NHS will look like.

While all of this has been going on my own employer has tried to keep us informed and up to date. The truth is that there has been little to keep us up to date with except perhaps the fact that the changes continue. The GP consortia may now be Clinical Commissioning Groups, but that hasn’t changed the level of positioning and posturing being undertaken by senior colleagues. The extent to which everyone worries about what the consortia want is at times paralysing. This makes for a less than cheery working environment.

Time then for a secondment. A trip to the Cancer Network, which you will see from the diagram will be an advisor to the commissioners, and indeed to the provider. It will report to the National Commissioning Board. If things go well, then perhaps this will be a permanent move. What is sure though, is that my mood is lifting and I know I will have the chance to learn and do new things and for me that can only be good.

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Comments on: "Blocks to blogging" (5)

  1. Hi, nice to have you back on the scene again, missed your blogs.

    Yes the HNS fiasco led by AL is still that, a fiasco, a disaster waiting to happen. But who knows, in spite of AL and his politico buddies the people who actually work in and maintain our health-care might shine above it, as in the say that, in spite of the management all went well. I hope so.

    I do hope you job change will bring you peace of mind and be rewarding, both monetary and enjoyment wise.

    Look forward to seeing some blogs from you in the future, and good luck to you son.

  2. Would be interesting to compare what is happening in the NHS vs the US Healtcare system. I haven’t seen nursing this bleak in a long, long time. Educators are just hanging on for dear life to their jobs. Seems, unless you have a PhD or DNP you are simply not worthy!. Now we have this FON report. Check it out on my blog.

    thanks and welcome back. I enjoy reading you.


  3. Thanks, I will take a good look at the report and let you have some thoughts! You have a great blog too, Keep going!

  4. The new NHS diagram seems promising.

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