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It’s my 6th anniversary

It is 6 years ago today that I posted my first blog post, boy time flies! I believe I am sitting in the same place, possibly about the same time of day. It is Saturday morning, hubby is putting in some over time (though these days he is on a salary and doesn’t actually get paid for it, he just love it so much!) and I am sitting in bed, laptop on lap. really I have more than enough to get on with. I have house work; who doesn’t but given my recent laziness an urge to blog should not be ignored at the expense of dusting, hoovering and bathroom cleaning!

One of the reasons I am still quite reticent about posting my thoughts is that the kinds of things I would like to say could get me sacked. It would be enough to say that the passage towards my new position has not been facilitated well by my employer. But good news, following my impending holiday (starts next Friday, yipee!) I will at last be able to start the job secured as a secondment in June.The urge to badmouth ones managers is something that you are always wise to suppress especially since I have been hearing stories of people being disciplined and sacked for doing so.

I am part way through a course to become an RCN Steward and the days spent with fellow trainees have been enlightening particularly when it comes to hearing about some of the things that nurses get up to and what is more say online. Whether it is using work computers to run some kind of raunchy dating agency, browse the kind of information they shouldn’t or else posting derisory information on facebook for the world to see apparently people are out there doing it all. What is more, my steward colleagues are kept busy providing them with support and managers are kept busy taking the errant employees down a disciplinary route. I do not intend to have the same thing happen to me!

Of course there is plenty more to write about, or there most certainly will be when I get stuck into working through the world of quality improvements to cancer care. This much I promise.

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Comments on: "It’s my 6th anniversary" (5)

  1. Good Morning To You.
    I am doing the same thing, blogging.
    I am glad to hear that all is going well for you and look forward to your next post.
    The Health Care Reforms, which are not really about health care but financial savings for the government, care has nothing to do with it, look like they will be coming into force. Watch this space as they say.
    I am torn between the notion of private provision via private funding and choice, and the universal application of taxes paid in and access to health NOT directed by finance. But of course responsibility plays its part.
    Do hope cancer treatment and care will be continued with due diligence by the government.
    Good luck in your new employment.

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  3. Congratulations of completion of six years in blogging. I am in my 4Th year of blogging.
    Yes you have busy life and a good blog you can be proud of.

    • Time flies by and before you know it you are a seasoned ‘blogger’. Love you blog, very thought provoking and has ‘made’ me change my tune about a few things as well. Keep on blogging :)

  4. Thanks and sorry for the lack of posts. My new blog post may give a hint as to why I haven’t felt much like writing!

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