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At last

After being interviewed for a new job, a secondment, at the end of June, I have finally got started in the role. For the last two weeks, and for probably another two weeks I am in effect doing two jobs. This is an approach I would not recommend but sometimes we have to make sacrifices in order to get what we want from life.

I moved desks, within the same building, on 3rd Oct and since then have combined induction into the world of cancer and palliative care with managing what I can physically do in the world of maternity and acute children’s commissioning. I am really pleased to say that the new team have been really welcoming, my old team gave me a good send off and all of the people within the network that I have met so far have been friendly.

My new job started with a 2 day meeting in London which was great for giving me a grounding on current issues in cancer services and also in working through some issues about how we can best approach the issue of needing to make sure the voice of the patient / user / carer heard in the way services are planned and provided. I think that hopefully there will be lots for me to write about on this topic once I get my brain properly into gear.

As for the old job, there is plenty that I would like to write about how you should not manage people, and about the emotional mechanisms a person may use to cover up their own short comings and make you feel guilty for them. However that may be difficult and what is more I think moving on rather than going on about it might be more healthy!

The Health and Social Care Bill has this week progressed further on its slow and painful journey to some brave new world that is only clear to people like Andrew Lansley. But it is now inevitable that it will soon be law; it pains me to say but the sooner the better now. We cannot continue with all of this uncertainty and what is more the PCTs are busy making the necessary changes to make it happen and it would be a crime to put the brakes on and go into reverse now. My hope is that the review of clinical networks comes out clearly saying that they need to be developed and strengthened and that what is more that my job needs to be made permanent. There is no way on earth that once I say a final goodbye to commissioning that I intend to go back. But I guess they say never say never!!

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  1. Hi, glad to read you are doing well, and very busy it seems! Good luck indeed.

    Like you, I also think it is time the The Health and Social Care Bill to get passed and, sadly, enacted. It is a poorly thought out Act to be sure. Never mind Liam Fox resigning, Andrew, I know I’m right, Lansley, should have been laterally sidelined ages ago. Still, in-spite of the mess that man has put the health service in brave souls will still do their best for the patient, in-spite of the government.

    Anyway, good to see you blogging again, you help me temper my ‘natural’ libertarianism.

    Regards & Best Wishes

  2. Hi Julie

    I always enjoy reading the honesty in your blog posts and share them with my Twitter followers. Good luck with your new role and stay positive. Changes always bring opportunities with them, however hard they can be to see at times. You never know!

    Best wishes, Sarah

  3. It has been a while since I caught up on what’s going on with all the nurse bloggers out there. Sounds like things are going well for you! Congrats! I am finally writing again as well. Looking forward to reading about your new job.


    Blood, Guts, & Coffee
    (formerly “Livin’ Large”)

  4. Hi Julie – Just wanted to say I hope you have A Happy and Secure New Year 2012 and that your job goes well for you. And to thank you for following my blog.

  5. It would be an infinitely greater crime to allow the continuation of this pernicious legislation.

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