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Kindle or actual book?

For Christmas I received a Kindle from hubby, along with a lovely leather cover with light for reading from my son. when these electronic book devices started appearing a couple of years ago I insisted that I would never convert. I love the feel of a real book, I love turning the pages, holding it and also love trawling bookshops for something new.

When I go on holiday though, I have been known to take half a dozen books with me. There have been occasions that I have forgone articles of clothing or shoes for books. I have packed them into my hand luggage and bought more at the airport. This has to be madness if there is an alternative.

When I went on a coach trip to Germany recently I looked over the kindle of my friend Sue and decided that this was a good idea for ease when travelling and subsequently made my request. I have to admit that I quite like my new toy, even if I do feel a bit guilty every time I turn it on that I might be putting printing companies out of work. I love the way you can download a sample of a book and I like the way you can turn the page forwards and backwards so easily. I also like the fact that you can enlarge the text (I know I need to get the optician to review my contacts but until then..)  I am less keen  that I never know quite what page I am on, instead I know what percentage of the book I have read. But I am willing to give the whole thing a go. Today I have downloaded a couple of travel guides for my upcoming trip to the States. I think this is going to be great for checking out things to do and places to go on the go! We shall see.

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Comments on: "Kindle or actual book?" (5)

  1. Good point Julie. I am a book lover myself but yes book taking on holiday or even short visits is a very ‘heavy’ job, especially since I have no private transport :) Maybe I should look at Kindle just to see.

  2. Good blogging going on here. I have bookmarked your site and will be back next time.

  3. Had mine for a year now, best thing ever and I also have Kindle on my Xoom and Android phone. I have found that it is unfortunately no use if you are studying something as you cannot flick backwards and forwards to get the information you need.

  4. Hmmmm, your comments section seems to have a stutter.

  5. You should give it a try efgd.

    I see what you mean grumpy grumpy!

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