Former NHS Nurse and manager now contemplating the NHS from outside

A slow death

So the progress of the NHS Health and Social Care Bill goes on and on. This week the Bill has gone back to the house of Lords, where the hundred or more amendments will be debated and either rejected or passed. Everyone who understands anything about this Bill and it’s implications knows that it is doomed to failure. We know that rather than less bureaucracy, more will be created, that where private industry is brought in to run services they will soon realise that healthcare doesn’t tend to run at a profit, unless you are a GP lining your pockets. The people to suffer for this mess will be the people in England with the greatest need; people with little or no income, who lead what might be described as unhealthy lives, who can’t articulate what they need and often who suffer from more than one long-term condition.

Those of us who work for PCTs will now have to go through a final, slow and painful journey to whatever awaits us; NHS commissioning board outpost, Commissioning Support Unit, Clinical Commissioning Group, Local Authority. Fewer people doing the same or more work. Contrary to what the government say it will be the same people doing the work next year, only there will be less of us and we will be spread around a number of organisations. The outlook feels gloomy.

Short term though I finish work tomorrow for 3 glorious weeks away from the PCT.  2 weeks visiting my lovely son in California for his 21st birthday and another resting  up at home. Hopefully I will return refreshed and ready to face the final year of the PCT; I think I am going to need it!

Of course we can only hope that while I am in the USA something untoward happens!

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Comments on: "A slow death" (4)

  1. Enjoy your holiday Julie and I really, really hope something untoward happens while you are in the USA. (Not to you of course but the HSCB!).

    Anna :o]

  2. Have a nice time and do not be tempted to stay there. Hope Bevan works.

  3. Keep hoping, Julie. The signs are that there might be a u-turn coming. And don’t underestimate the curse of Bevan on anyone who denigrates the NHS…

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