Former NHS Nurse and manager now contemplating the NHS from outside

Spring has sprung

I love this time of year. Each day as I look out of the window, drive to work and back I notice that the leaves have a little more blossom, a few more leaves. The daffodils are now in full flower and to top it all we have been experiencing highly unusual sunny and warm weather. It makes you feel good. Spring is a time of new beginnings a time to clear out the cobwebs, to clean the house, to get ready for the summer ahead. This year I approach spring feeling refreshed because I have recently had 3 weeks off work; 2 in USA and 1 at home. I have taken a break from work, and from concerning myself with the problems of the NHS. Now though I am back in the mix and raring to go.

The Government must also be glad that with the advent of spring, they have finally got their Health and Social Care Bill through; it will receive royal assent within the next couple of weeks. Mind you I believe they have other worries (a budget that many felt favoured the ‘haves’ rather than the ‘have nots’, scandal over dinners with David Cameron and an impending fuel tanker strike to name a few).

Next week we start a new financial year, the last of the PCTs. This is going to be an interesting year as we head towards transition towards the new world of healthcare commissioning and provision. Already our PCT is getting ready to become a Commissioning Support Unit. Local Clinical Commissioning Groups are preparing to be ratified or whatever the process is called and everyone without exception working in the health economy faces the reality of doing more for less money (that’s just the budget but personally we face similar challenges).

I don’t agree with the Bill but enough is enough. We have to move forward, we have to prepare for new beginnings. I fear things won’t go completely as the Government would like and in a perverse way I am quite looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. It would be fun if this wasn’t public money, real lives and real jobs. What is worse is that this is healthcare; mistakes can lead to people missing out on the care they need and it can lead to death. We watch and wait.

Meanwhile I’ll enjoy the good weather while it lasts; it will turn cold by the weekend and eventually it will rain!

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Comments on: "Spring has sprung" (4)

  1. I was enjoying your blog till the last bit – I don’t want rain. I like nice sunny bright weather. It can rain late at night if it must.

    Like you I think the Health Bill is a folly. But hey ho ’tis the Tories that are in power so what did anyone really expect. Not that Tory Blair was any better really. He was really always a Tory Blue as is Nick Clegg – the only reason he is the LibDem Leader is because he’d never be leader in the Tory or Labour Party. He’s had is few years of fame and glory. He’ll not be in government next election, not in the government, he might be in Parliament.

    I am glad to hear you enjoyed your break. Good luck in the coming months.

  2. I don’t want rain either, and would also prefer it at night.

    Completely agree about Nick; I am sure there are difficult times for him and his adopted friends to come!

  3. Long time no read – hope all is well with you and yours; and that you still have a job as the NHS shake-up has rattled into position.

  4. Hi there, sorry for the delay in answering! Update will appear shortly, but things don’t look all that promising!

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