Former NHS Nurse and manager now contemplating the NHS from outside

The end

Tomorrow is the last day in which I will (for now and and perhaps forever) be employed in the NHS. More than 32 years has passed since, as a young student nurse I began my career. Of course it is just my employment that has ended. I fully expect to be working again soon and likely as not some of that work will be for various NHS organisations.

But because of my age (over 50) and the fact that I joined the pension scheme such a long time ago, I have actually technically retired. From now on, I will be receiving my pension. In reality this means the salary I need to earn through paid work is much smaller than it was. I will be able to take on projects or a longer term job, part time.

For the next few weeks though, I intend to take stock. To have a rest and to sort things out at home. I intend to meet friends for lunch, to take a trip or two and to plan a new kitchen. 

I will have lots of time to write and I intend to pick up this blog again and to write lots about what has been happening. I took the decision over the past few months not to write here. The process has been painful and unpleasant. I was fearful of writing things here that might be best left unsaid while I was still unemployed. Now I will be able to say a little more and give a bit more of my opinion.

I don’t know if I will keep the title ‘Life in the NHS’ for this blog. I am not going to worry about that yet. There is more than ever to write about the NHS and the mess that is being created in the name of progress and of change. There is even more to be written about the way nursing is being described and evaluated in 2013. There are things to be said about compassion and the way we treat people in this country, not just in the NHS. There are things to be said about the politics of health generally. 

I have lots to say still. This time my return will be on a more permanent basis!

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Comments on: "The end" (4)

  1. I am pleased to see you re-emerging from your period of Purdah. One of the voices we haven’t really heard recently is that of the committed intelligent nurse who has worked her socks off for the NHS with little thanks.

    I hope to hear your perspective on life after the NHS.

  2. Thanks JD, I hope I can live up to that billing!

  3. I do hope you will continue blogging as you say much that needs to be said. Meanwhile do enjoy your time to catch up with friends and family, Remember, do not associate with those who seriously disturb your calm. I must say this present hobgoblin government seriously disturbs my calm. Regards and Best Wishes for the future.

    • Hi there efgd, I most definitely intend to write more here. I completely agree about this government, they have some seriously odd ideas which they see though at any cost.

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