Former NHS Nurse and manager now contemplating the NHS from outside


The process which led to my redundancy and now it seems, beyond progressed neither smoothly nor as it should. I haven’t written about this before because I believed that I had put it all behind me. Yesterday I discovered that this is not the case.

A few weeks before my redundancy I received one of many letters from HR, this time offering not just redundancy, but a choice of that or taking one of two pension packages. I was surprised, despite still being in the 1995 pension scheme, and having paid in for over 30 years, I was (and still am) only 50. I sought financial advice and decided to take the maximum pension lump sum, a monthly pension and a small redundancy payment. I duly completed the forms and sent them in to payroll. Yesterday, more than 4 weeks later, I contacted NHS pensions to discover that my employers did not submit the online application to them until 2nd April and secondly that it takes up to 3 months to process a claim. Employers are meant to ensure that employees apply with 3 months notice.

Of course my employer would have preferred not to make me redundant, therefore they were late to give me any notice at all, and until about a week before they acted as if a magic job might appear on the horizon for me and my colleagues. Therefore everything was completed at the last minute, or in my case beyond that date.

Thankfully I have some money to ensure that we don’t starve before July, NHS pensions say that any payments will be backdated, but really that is not the point. This is really just about the way I have been treated from the moment it became apparent in around November that this wouldn’t be a smooth process. Consultation processes were not completed as they should have been, interview processes seemed at the best odd and then there was the whole ‘at risk’ situation and the feeling that you could be shoved into any job. One day, someone approached me and offered me a job in IT on a lower salary and for fewer hours than I was at the time contracted to work. Suitable alternative employment it was not.

I was not obstructive, I did as I needed to do and applied for no end of jobs. Jobs that I could see myself doing. I had been in this kind of position before and wanted to come out of it with my career and reputation in tact. That slightly went wrong and I am required to be compensated for that. I am annoyed that yet again the process has let me down! I am also annoyed that I can’t get my kitchen refitted yet, and that by the time I do I fully expect to be back in work (more about that when things are confirmed).

End of rant!

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  1. Why am I not surprised? It is not the notion of a NHS that is a problem. Nor the funding of it and by whom. It is the incompetent managerial and administrative staff, attitude and ability, that has been the destroyer of the NHS. Robots could have done a better managerial and administrative job.

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