Former NHS Nurse and manager now contemplating the NHS from outside

About Me (Updated April 2013)

I have been a nurse for more than 30 years, and was employed in a number of clinical and non clinical roles until March 2013. I worked for a variety of Primary Care Trusts almost from their inception until their demise.

The Health and Social Care Bill has now been implemented, but rather than viewing life from inside the NHS as I have until now, I am now an outsider. This will take some getting used to, but it may well be fun to have the freedom to think a little more outside the box.

The NHS may have made me redundant and to have retired me at the same time, but I am too young, life is too short and I don’t have enough money to sit idly  by. I am going to try to go it alone and no doubt sometime soon will work again for the NHS. Though I somehow doubt my life will quite be ‘in the NHS’.

I am married, and have a 22 year old son who is in his final year at University. It is going to be something of a mission to ensure that he gets himself into gainful employment and is able to return to the family home only briefly.

I battle daily to ward off the evils of middle age spread by vigorously exercising and trying to watch my diet and alcohol intake (often as it passes my lips).

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  1. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement.
    I’ll see how it goes.
    You’re absolutely right, it is obsessive.
    I haven’t been this bad since I discovered Genes ReuniHOpefullt the novelty will wear off (a bit) in a cuple of weeks.

  2. I wouldn’t bank on it! Thanks for the comments.

  3. Hey very cool. It is great to see a nurse blogging! My name is Dave I am a Level 2 Theatre nurse in Australia. I keep my online life and work very separate, so if you visit my blog you will not think I am a nurse :) but I am.

    I will be interested to see how you deal with mixing blogging and nursing.

    Great to see – I think 99% of my work mates don’t know what a blog is!

  4. Well I am banking on the idea that my work mates don’t know what a blog is either. I try to be careful exactly what I say and often end up changing things because they might help identify me. I will take a look at your blog, and leave you a message there.

  5. Hi,
    like your blog very much and wondered if you (and any other NHS-based bloggers out there) would be interested in participating in an event I am running on 24th Nov to look at how the National Patient Safety Agency can use collaborative technologies to share issues and solutions more effectively across the NHS and encourage better knowledge sharing generally. If you are interested, please email, I promise not to divulge your identity unless you want me to!

    Kind regards,

  6. Hi there. I have been reading your blog with great interest. I am making a documentary that is looking at the role of nurses, the general standards of nursing care, what is expected of nurses and doctors under the various changes brought in to the NHS – and how things may have changed in this area in the last decade. I’d love to talk to you further about this, and any other readers who may want to tell me about their experiences. If anyone would be happy to talk to me, in confidence, that would be great. My number is: 07802 536795, or on

  7. Julie,

    Like your blog very much and posted a link in my post re: change of shift. If it’s alright w/you I’d like to link to you.

    Little time to read w/nursing school and intern job, but will re-check your blog in the coming week. We have a holiday over here called Thanksgiving, so classes are cancelled for most of the week.

    Third Degree Nurse

  8. Hi, was pointed at your blog by a recent piece in The Times. What course are you doing? Your profile is spookily similar to a friend in the south west of England who is also doing a master’s. She is now underway with her dissertation.

  9. Hi Simon, I am doing my masters in Strategic Leadership and start my dissertation in the new year. I am in the south but not south west!

  10. Matt Roper said:

    Hi Julie

    I’m a feature writer for the Daily Mirror. We’re hoping to published a spread of Christmas Day blogs for the Boxing Day paper and I wondered if you would be interested in doing one for us.
    It would just be your musings and description of your Christmas Day, just the same as you would do in your blog. As well as yours there would be five or six more on the page.
    Could you please email me back or call me on 02072933532 to let me know what you think?

    Thanks, Matt Roper

  11. Hi Julie
    How do you fit it all in? Im also the parent of teenagers and doing my masters but there is no way I could fit a spell of blogging in as well! I would like to see your veiws on commissioning and whats happening in your PCT. Cheers John

  12. Wow, Julie, check you out! I’ve been meaning to tell you that I love the look of your blog. You’re inspiring me to do an overhaul of my own! I’m glad to see that you’re doing well. Thanks so much for all the encouragement (and diagnoses) you gave me last year. :-)

    Nemesis xxx

  13. Many thanks Miss N, great of you to say. I have also been meaning to tell you how pleased I am that you have got your new job etc. Will leave a message with you soon!

  14. Dan Bourke said:

    Hi Julie, and thanks in advance for your time.

    I’m a Cardiff University student and am writing a study on citizen journalism and its impact on the journalism industry…

    I’m hoping to distriubte a simple, email survey to 100 bloggers such as yourself and was wondering firstly, if you would be willing to participate? It would only need two to three minutes of your time.

    Please drop me an email if your can spare me a moment, I look forward to hearing from you,

    Many thanks again,

    Kindest regards,


  15. Julie, thanks for visiting my blog. thank you for that comment on my bloglog page. :)

  16. Could you please publicise on MayDay for Nurses?


    sign up on the website:

    thank you in advance,
    Dr. Noreena Hertz

  17. Thanks Noreena, I have already mentioned this in one of my posts but will do so again.

  18. Hi Julie,

    I’ve join the alexa train, and have added your site to site to it. Come take a look then. :)

  19. Hi Julie,

    I have been following your blog for a while and love it. I may have retired but I still retain an interest in all that is going on in the NHS. I have added a link from my (very new) site to yours. One of these days I shall post about my management role undertaken before I retired

  20. Kudos! Very informative article, keep up the good works! More power


  21. Hi Julie,

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    The Independence, Kentucky, woman, who was a medical technician for six years and a nurse’s aide “on and off forever,” waited until her children were raised to return to nursing school. When she finally entered the Gateway Community and Technical College, it was unbelievably stressful. Not only was the single mother dealing with her course work, but her father died, and her youngest daughter was dealing with medical problems, including bipolar disease.

    Bush, now 42 years old, was “disgustingly healthy when I started” school in 2004, but quite overweight, and she started to lose a lot of the extra girth.

    “I lost massive amounts of weight in just a few months,” she recalled. “I was a pretty big girl. I lost 100 pounds.”

    At first, Bush chalked up the weight loss and constant belching to stress, but when she shed all the weight, she found a lump in her breast. “I decided to see a doctor over break.”

    Bush was diagnosed with DCIS, and beneath that, metastatic breast cancer.

    “I lost everything in a week,” Bush said. The diagnosis sent her daughter off the deep end, upset her boyfriend, and meant she had to stop the classes she had waited so long to take.

    “As a nurse, you think you know what a cancer diagnosis entails,” she said. “But you don’t. It affects every single thing in your life.” … (more article to come)

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    Let me know what you think.

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  22. what do you think of the latest pay offer?
    could you promte this website to people you know and on your blog/

  23. I think that any two part pay offer is rubbish and the latest offering does nothing to resolve that. I don’t mind being offered money for my professional fees but am not sure that it is really worth the administration costs. Plus, will I see it seeing as I am on protected pay – I think not. I will write a post later about this issue and am happy to link to your site.

  24. Just came across your blog by accident (was looking for a tree surgeon!!) and was intrigued. You must be working for the PCT I have just left, and my new role involves PBC, so I suspect we might have a few mutual colleagues?

  25. You never know!

  26. Hi Julie,

    My name is Jonathan Zuk, and I am on the staff of NursingLink. I really enjoyed reading your postings, “Thursday Thirteen” and “Lack of Respect”, and I am interested in featuring them on NursingLink. The articles would link back to your blog and you would be listed as a featured author. Please let me know if you are interested. You can reach me via email at


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  31. Hi Julie,

    You have a great blog here and a ton of readers which is awesome to see.
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    I was hoping if we could each do a guest post on each others site, i would love to share my thoughts with your readers and you could do the same.

    Hoping for a favorable reply :)

    Thanks & Cheers,

  32. Brett Brohl said:

    Hello Julie,

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  33. Would you be interested in a link trade with my Nurses Blog? Let me know.

  34. Hi Julie, Im quite new to blogging and ive managed to set up my blog at Your blog is great, id like to try and build something similar, it may take a while though! Ive added a link to you on my blog, would be nice to have one from you as well! Cheers, Andy

  35. Hi Andy, Thanks for your kind words. Happy to link!

  36. Hi Julie,

    This not a comment. Just wondering would you be interested in including a featured site within one of your posts for client. I am happy to make payment for this


  37. “Not surprisingly I am sometimes unsure of my own sanity!”

    I guess, many medical practitioners are like that. Unsure of their own sanity and yet living their lives to the fullest because their job are indeed fulfilling and rewarding. :)

  38. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

  39. We are a group of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with valuable info to work on. You have performed an impressive process and our whole neighborhood might be grateful to you.

  40. Hello there

    Sorry I couldn’t find your contact details so leaving this comment. I just came across your blog whilst researching nursing related sites. I work with a leading team24 who specialise in NHS jobs and I was hoping they could provide a unique guest article for you to publish on your site that would be of interest to your readers.

    If you’ve an article topic you’d like Team24 to write about especially for your site, just let me know and I can brief the writer.

    Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about Team24.

    Kind regards


  41. If you would like an audio interview on NHSreality please email me and we can have a chat. I need local activists who will encourage others to “bear witness”.

  42. Hi Julie,

    I stumbled across your blog and wondered if you’d be interested in chatting to me. I’m conducting some research into the challenges currently facing nurses in the UK today and I’d very much like to chat with you to hear about your own experiences of working within the NHS. I’m already in contact with a handful of other nurses at various stages in their careers, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on how nursing has evolved and changed (for better or worse) over the years.

    If this is something that might be of interest to you, I’d love for you to get in touch, and please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions of concerns.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards,

    Tim Morris

    PS: I’m a Gooner too if that helps :-)

  43. Hi Julie

    I recently started a blog on CCR and was wondering if you would be interested in guest posting?



  44. Dear Julie,

    My name is Robbie, and I’m editing In Rude Health, a book of humorous medical anecdotes that will be illustrated and published at Christmas-time by Freight Books, a small Scottish publisher ( In my research for this book I’ve been reading through blogs such as yours, and I was wondering if you would have any you’d like to contribute. Naturally, the more risqué the might be the better, but what I’m aiming to do is make something funny and enjoyable, but which also shows Joe public just what sort of things you folk in the NHS have to deal with.

    Naturally all stories submitted will be treated as completely anonymous. I do hope you will consider submitting a story or two. Please email them to:

    Best wishes,


  45. Hi Julie,

    I work with a public sector organisation who are launching a national online survey to find out how the cuts are affecting NHS employees, on a really personal level. The survey is called ‘What keeps you awake at night?’ and we want as many public sector employees as possible to answer a few quick questions and share their stories. As the survey launches next week, I’d love to talk to you about sharing this with your readers! It would be great to discuss if this is something you’d be interested in, there’s also a free prize draw to win a Kobe e-Reader for anybody who completes the survey – so there’s a nice incentive for your followers =)

    Hopefully hear from you soon,
    Best wishes,

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