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Weary of this whole thing

The best times I have had as a nurse is when I have been part of a team. By this I mean a real team where there are lots of different people, all responsible for different parts of what goes on, all with an equal role in making sure that the end product is as it should be. When I was practicing as a nurse, then the end product was the patient, when I was working in education then the end product was the member of staff needing education and or training and now in commissioning, well the patient is that end product again.

There are some great sites out there telling us the good, bad and ugly of life in the world of healthcare. It is not about identifying who is more important or better than the other. It is about looking at the whole picture, about identifying our own strengths and weakness and recognising our own dirty laundry not just that of other people. as I have mentioned before, I am weary of the sweeping statement and of the culture of blame. We get enough trouble from the media and written press without doctors writing blogs laying into us too. While we cannot all stand shoulder to shoulder at all times, I suggest that we should at least find out as much as possible about a topic before attacking a whole profession. Dr Crippen may have returned to the blogsphere, but I am not sure he has benefited from his long absence. I will not link to him as I don’t wish to add to his already over inflated stats. Instead you can join the debate over at Mental nurse, where you get a more measured, all round debate.


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