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Car ownership and Leadership

Is expensive. That is my not surprising discovery. Having discovered I cannot afford a new car, and deciding I do not want to borrow money in someone else’s name to get one, I now have to spend money on the existing almost 3 year old car to bring it up to scratch. In the past I had cars which were leased by whichever NHS trust I was employed by and for which I paid dearly in both rental and taxation. However if for example the brakes needed fixing then they got fixed at no extra cost to me. Now though, the burden will fall to me and now that I have an ‘older’ car things like this need attending to. I have therefore parted company with £250 just in time for payday! What joy!

Today I went back to my former working environment and taught on a management programme study day. The topic was providing leadership for your team. I was surprisingly nervous, didn’t sleep well and found it quite hard to ad lib in the parts when I would usually just speak. However the day did go well, and people seemed to enjoy it and whats more actually learn stuff (now there is a bonus)! I was surprised to find that out of a room of 16 pretty experienced people, very few if any had actually read any leadership theory or indeed new any of the key leadership authors. I guess they are all busy doing their day jobs looking after patients, running teams and services and being manager types. I am doing the session again in a couple of weeks for a different group and think that I might be a bit more confident about that one. Might make a few changes to part of the day though, even I began to find some of the theory a bit dry!


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